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We collect debt in every State in the U.S. with the exception of Massachusetts.

Yes. All of the letter packages include mailing to your debtor. However, return postage is not included.

Yes, learn more on our Contingency collection page.

If there are additional letters scheduled to be sent to the debtor, you must go to speedycollect.com, login, and cancel the balance or the letters. Failure to do so may open you to a claim of harassment.

You have several options. First, Speedy Collect will allow you to send additional letter series to the same debtor for the same debt. Second, for a more aggressive approach, the debt can be placed on a contingency fee basis where there are no additional up front fees or costs — the collection agency is only paid if they collect. Third, you may choose to refer the claim to another collection agency as long as the account has been closed with Speedy Collect. To close an account, please login to your account and follow the necessary steps.

Yes. When ordering your letter series you may opt for NCOA (National Change of Address). This service will automatically match your debtor and last known address and forward the collection letter to his new address as reported to the United States Postal Service within the previous six months.

Yes, as long as there is an individual guarantor and a minimum usage is maintained. Simply go to open an account and your application will be reviewed within two business days.

No. There are also no minimums or account charges. You have free access to your account to amend, cancel, or update any information at any time you choose.

Of the letter series that Direct Debt Collections offers, one allows you to set up a payment program reminder service for the debtor. A monthly payment reminder will be mailed to the debtor with a perforated payment stub and return envelope.

We will maintain a debtor database for several years. If you have opted to report to the credit bureaus we will maintain that database for up to seven years. We are responsible to respond to any disputes by the debtor and we will continue to update the debtor profile and email you any changes. Additionally, because the debtor database is maintained, you are able to log in and update the account as to correspondence, change in balance or address and even send an additional set of letters.

With a click of the mouse accounts can be transferred to contingency based collection services. By transferring the file, the collection agency will continue to attempt collection by aggressively searching for valid addresses and phone numbers; sending unlimited collection letters; making unlimited collection phone calls; attempting to locate assets (if the debt is a judgment), and reporting the account to the major credit bureaus.

As a member of the American Collectors Association and subscriber to the National List we would be happy to refer you to qualified collection attorneys in your area.

Since our address must be displayed on all letters, debtors may occasionally send a payment to us. We will immediately forward the payment to you and notify you by email that the payment is on the way. Even though we ask the debtor to communicate directly with you, we are still the collection agency and the debtor may want to deal with us.

When you report an account to the credit bureaus, the collection can remain on their report for seven years from the date of the original delinquency.

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