Debt Recovery. Simplified.

We have successfully collected millions of dollars for thousands of clients,
we are simply your best and most trusted source of Debt Collection for your business.

Applicant Screening

We provide thorough and skilled background screening for our clients.
Let us help you qualify applicants and keep you from having to collect from them in future.
Our thorough and proven techniques are second to none.

Medical Debt Collection Services

Collecting a lot of money for our Medical Clients is a good start,
but we know our Clients need more than that to be happy with a Collection Agency.

Real Estate Debt
Collection Services

Tenants make very difficult debtors. They can be so difficult to deal with,
many Agencies refuse to accept Realty collections. Many others accept the work but have
trouble dealing with all the anger. rage, despair and misunderstanding they have to confront.
We do it all day so it's just business as usual to us.

No hidden Cost

No minimum, no postage fee, and no maintenance fee.

Easy to use

Swift account management and monitoring.

Industry leading

Exceptional compliance and risk management standards

What do you want in a Collection Agency?

How about a firm that is professional, productive, and informative. A firm that has returned millions of dollars for their valued clients

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Credit Card Debt

The key to our approach is to provide a simple and open method of communication with consumers who have fallen behind on their payments. We understand that this can happen to virtually anyone, and we know how hard it can be to overcome financial struggles. This understanding helps us pursue an effective and amicable collection process that produces very real results for our retail and service clients.

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Medical Debt

Collecting a lot of money for our Medical Clients is a good start, but we know our Clients need more than that to be happy with a Collection Agency. Medical offices are extremely busy and dealing with urgent situations. The last thing they need is a Collection Agency calling them, e-mailing them or faxing them for information the agent should know. That’s why we make it our business to know about our Medical Clients, Insurance plans and time limits. What we do very well is to take a pile of paperwork off your desk and send you a regular stream of payments without disrupting your day.

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Real Estate Debt

We read our Client’s leases and understand them. We constantly train our Collectors to effectively move out of an adversarial position and into a cooperative situation. We explain to your x-tenant the difference between "right" and "legal". As a result, we collect more money for our Clients than anybody they ever used, period. We help our clients improve their collections by making a few small changes in their Application process. This also helps them select better tenants so the number of claims they have to send us decreases.

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